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久保田潤は東京芸大を卒業後、広告制作の仕事に付いたのち、在学中から描き続けていた絵画の道に進んだ。以来、移り住んだ鎌倉の海に降り注ぐ透明な光を彷彿させる独特の色使いの絵画を発表し続けている。都内や湘南を中心に展覧会を開催。近年は絵本作家としても活躍中でBuenoBooksからは、なみにのる が発売中。

Jun Kubota decided to pursue his life as a painter leaving his career as an advertisement producer, a career he chose after graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts. Ever since, he has been living in Kamakura painting and surfing. His translucent usage of colors reflect strongly the shimmering lights you'd find on the beaches and the ocean. He has been showing his works constantly in galleries in Tokyo and Shonan, Nami ni noru from BuenoBooks is one of many picture books he has produced.

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