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 Mitsuyuki Shibata名 

芝田満之は長年湘南に暮らし、サーフィンと海をテーマに、その最高の瞬間を写真に納めてきた映像、写真作家。ロマンティックで情緒に溢れたスタイルは絵画のように美しく、映画やCMの撮影も数多く手がけてきた。写真集にSummer Bohemians, Saltwater Sky, Calling the sea (Bueno!Books)。日本のみならず海外でも展覧会を開き、活動の場を広げている。

Mitsuyuki Shibata is a movie and still photographer in Japan. Best known for his romantic and passionate, atmospheric photos of the sea and surfing, he has worked for magazines and company advertisements over the past 30 years. His art photography has been well receievd in Japan and overseas through art shows and art books. Some of the titles of his books are,Summer Bohemians, Saltwater Sky, Calling the sea (Bueno!Books). His endless love for the ocean has kept him living close to the beach of Shonan.

saltwater sky
summer bohemians
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